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St. Anne's Catholic Church
Highfield Rd Rock Ferry
Birkenhead Merseyside
CH42 2BY
Tel: 0151 645 3996

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Meeting opened with a prayer led by Denise North.

PRESENT: Fr Bernard, Pat Finegan, Louise Evans, Kath Ward, Marie Stormont, John Boggan, Denise North, Ros Appleby and Pauline Bell

APOLOGIES: Winnie Fryer, Tina Ward, Elizabeth Salter and Declan Evans

MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: These were approved and signed off to go on the Notice Board at the back of church.


PARISH FINANCES: There is a need to be aware of the situation. Things are quite serious. A copy of the Parish Accounts has been attached to the Rock. Fr Bernard will put together a Parish Finance Committee Marie Doyle, David Cartmell and Fr Bernard proposes to ask Phil McCarthy as he was on the Parish Council and he is also counter. We need hopefully 3 people from the Parish Team as well. A major fault on church premises needs to be addressed and Fr Bernard is to go to the Diocese for help. The lottery funded things in church as well as charities but folded through lack of support. There is a lot to be done to the building and we need to raise much needed funds.

The UCM has been asked to hold a coffee morning on 29th June, St. Peter and Paul
after 9.30am Mass. Proceeds to go to parish funds. The hall is needed for large fund raising events but could the church be used more often. A number of suggestions were put forward such as an Autumn Draw, Chinese Raffle, empty plant pot and more. Between now and the next meeting we need to try and arrange something for September to bring money in. Also at the July meeting will be pushing for 2 or 3 of the team to go on the Finance Group.

John commented that from his point of view prior to going into the Diocese any monies raised here went to the Parish. He knows a lot of people feel that they are giving what they can; they do not like to sound as though they are a failure. We are now doing what the Diocese has asked us to do, whether we meet a target or not we must all accept that we are now in the Diocese. We know finances are important but surely bringing people together would increase finance. The question was asked if whatever is raised here will be used here and we keep it a transparent process.

LPA: As Tina was away there was no report as such but Fr Bernard did have some points to raise. Confirmation this year will be at Christ the King. The Annual Mass is on 6th December at St. Anne's. Mary Tyrell is looking at an Autumn LPA Day. In future years it would be good as an LPA to go to Wistaston for one of their days to pray together. For this year we will do one on a week day. Lent next year – talks, but done in three centres & Christ the King, St Joseph's and here at St Anne's. LPA website is up and running and parish websites updating all the time. Next LPA meeting here in October.

UPDATE OF WEBSITE: John going to speak to Steve next weekend. Jimmy Belmar took photographs of parish team last time but will be asked to come to the July meeting at 7.00pm to take photographs for the board of the new members. Pat to speak to Jimmy. Anything to go on the website to be sent to Steve Walls. All groups to send in their information Send note to each Parish Group to talk to Steve Walls and make sure their group information is updated.

FUTURE EVENTS: Already discussed but it is not just about raising money it is bringing people together.

SUGGESTION BOX: This is situated at the back of church. Need to put something in the Rock to let parishioners know that the Parish Pastoral Team meet regularly and any suggestions will be considered and addressed.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS Are the Diocese giving up on the Hall? As it stands bookings are going up. Fr Bernard has a meeting with Donna. He has had a number of complaints about the Hall and the outside area.

Can we put a poster up for the Tranmere Festival & yes, and they have also said that we can have a stall if we wish.

Can we have a Prayer Book at the back of church and brought up to the Altar at weekend Masses. This will be set up.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 18th July at 7.00pm for photographs.

Prayer Ros Appleby