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Parish Pastoral team

Minutes of the Parish Team Meeting 15th May 2018 St Annes Presbytery

PRESENT: Father Bernard Forshaw, Louise Evans, Kath Ward, Marie Stormont, Denise North, Pat Finegan, Pauline Bell.
APOLOGIES: Elizabeth Salter, Ros Appleby, Declan Evans, Winnie Fryer,
John Boggan
Minutes of the last meeting (6th March) were approved and signed.
Preparations for the National Eucharistic Congress are going well. There are still several tickets available between St Annes and St Johns parishes.
It is to be clarified at the next meeting, that the LPA representative is a member of the Parish Team.
The proposed election of new Parish Team members will now be held in May/June.
Three members of the current parish team are due to step down Pat Finegan, Elizabeth Salter and Pauline Bell (Winnie Fryer has previously stepped down from her role on the team). Invitations to join the Parish Team, for a period of three years, will be included in The Rock on the weekends of 19th/20th May, 25th/26th May. If there are more than three names submitted elections will be held the weekend of 2nd/3rd June and the three people with the highest votes will be elected. The newly elected members will be informed by 13th June.
The Easter raffle was a huge success and raised over £250. Thanks were expressed for the contributions made by many parishioners. It was agreed that for all future raffles prize winners will be listed at the back of church.
Several parishioners had commented about the number of collections during the Easter period.
An awareness of the new data protection was raised in relation to the raffle, Parish and wider community.

A Parish BBQ/Fun Day is to be organised for Sunday 22nd July, to start after 11.15am mass in the Parish car park. Parishioners will be asked to limit the use of cars. A small area will be cordoned off for those who need their cars. Outdoor games will be organised for the children (Louise Evans will contact the Play Council about the hiring of play equipment). An area for stalls will be available. Suggestions for stalls included: toys, school uniform, Welcome Café and Laughter Africa. Fr Bernard will check the availability of Lourdes Hall for the 22nd July; if not the alternative date will be Sunday 15th July.
In the light of the GPDR legislation due to become into effect on 25th May, Father Bernard has invited John Lowe of Bowland and Lowe to speak to the Deanery personnel about the Parish websites. The meeting will take place in June.

& LPA transition to LMA

Each Parish within the LPA is to be represented by the Parish Priest and one lay person. The current group which includes our Deacon John Boggan, a school representative( Mary Bulmer) and a Parish sister (Sister Bridget), should be expanded to include representatives for: Marriage Preparation, Youth, Social Action (Caritas/SVP) and Catechesis.
• LPA Events for 2018
LPA Annual Mass of Celebration & Thursday 20th September 2018 at 19:30 at Christ The King, Fr Paschal Byrne to preside.

Trip to Shrewsbury – one Saturday in October 2018, the final pick-up point will be at Christ The King at 08:30 to return from Shrewsbury at 15:00. The coach will pick up in the following order: St Annes, St Johns, St Lukes, Christ The King and drop off in the reverse order. The Intention is to attend Mass at the Cathedral, followed by free time in town. Confirmation Mass ; Friday 23rd November 2018 at St Annes at 19:00, Bishop Mark will be presiding.

• Year of the Eucharist

To celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi, 3rd June, there will a period of Adoration after 11.15 am mass until 4pm in St Annes. Bishop Brian Noble will be preaching at the 11.15 mass.

Diamond Jubilee
Canon Brendan Hoban will celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of his Ordination in 2018; a Mass of Celebration will be held at Christ The King at 19:00 on Friday 20th July, to which everyone is welcome.

No suggestions

In collaboration with the SVP, a Mass for the Sick will take place on the weekend of 7th/8th July at both the 6.30pm and 11.15am masses. There will be no sermon as the focus will be on the Anointing of the Sick. The opportunity to receive the sacrament will be open to all parishioners.

Thursday 21st June 7:15pm for 7:30pm start.

Kath Ward



PRESENT:   Father Bernard Forshaw, Louise Evans, Kath Ward, Marie Storemont, Denise North, Pat Finegan, Ros Appleby, Elizabeth Salter, Winny Fryer, Pauline Bell

Apologies:  Declan Evans

Minutes of the last meeting approved and signed.


Thanks were expressed for the paragraph in The Rock with an explanation of the role of Traidcraft.

 As Easter is 1st April it was proposed that the next Traidcraft weekend should be 7th/8th April. This is to be confirmed.  A further proposal was that the collection at the mass of the Last Supper should be for the SVP.

The noticeboard for outside the church will be ready for Easter.


The confessionals are in the process of being decorated and reused for storage purposes:

  • Traidcraft

  • Hymn and mass books

  • Music equipment

  • Wheelchair (additional wheelchairs in the convent as needed)


With regards to lists for readers and Eucharistic minsters, Steve said there was an issue around confidentiality for some parishioners. This was to be discussed at the next Liturgy Group meeting.  It was suggested that initials could be used rather than the full name and to look at local parish websites to compare how the issue was dealt with. It was agreed that hard copies of these lists would be available so that all those concerned had access.

LPA 24:

The ongoing process of movement from LPA to LMA (Local Missionary Area) should be completed by the end of the year. The role of the LMA, whilst similar to the LPA, will include: possible larger areas or working more closely with Birkenhead, an improvement in family life through greater collaboration in Outreach, the continued marriage preparation programme (which has had positive feedback) and the youth work. The format of the Confirmation programme is to remain the same, including making contact with those children who are not in Catholic schools. The role of the LMA continues with the Lenten talks and The Year of the Eucharist Day which is to be held in St Luke’s in May



The tickets are to be sold on the weekends of  17th/18th  March, 24th/25th March. The raffle is to be drawn on Easter Sunday 1st April after 11.15 mass.


Three members of the current parish team are due to step down - Pat Finegan, Elizabeth Salter and  Pauline Bell (Winny Fryer has previously stepped down from her role on the team). Invitations to join the Parish Team, for a period of three years, will be included in The Rock on the weekends of 7th/ 14th/21st April.  If there are more than four names submitted elections will be held the weekend of 28th/29th April and the four people with the highest vote will be elected.  The newly elected members will be informed during the first week of May.

SUGGESTION BOX:  No messages.


Father Bernard mentioned the ‘Adoremus’ The First National Eucharistic Congress in England and Wales being held in Liverpool 7th-9th September 2018.  He said he had reserved 50 places and although the price for each day is £40, St. Anne’s would contribute half, making the tickets £20 per head.   A decision was needed fairly quickly.


15th May at 7.15pm for 7.30pm start.


Denise North


PRESENT: Father Bernard Forshaw, Louise Evans, Winny Fryer, Kath Ward, Marie Stormont, Denise North, Pat Finegan, Pauline Bell, John Boggan, Ros Appleby, Declan Evans

APOLOGIES: Elizabeth Salter

Minutes of last meeting approved and signed.

MATTERS ARISING: Website now has Liturgy Group update. Food Bank and St. Annes SVP Conference information to be added with links to National SVP. Links to include parishes in LPA24, Shrewsbury Diocese, Cafod, Trussell Trust, National UCM, National SVP, the Vatican and the Holy See, rotas for St. Annes Readers, Eucharistic Ministers, Counters and Altar Servers. Steve Wall to be advised of all the suggestions.

FEEDBACK FROM CHRISTMAS CAROL CONCERT/CHRISTMAS DRAW: The Christmas Draw raised £395. The Christmas cake was very much appreciated by clients in Charles Thompson Mission.

A smaller Easter Raffle to be organised with four Easter Treat hampers, Ladies, Gentlemen, Traidcraft and Children’s. Request for prizes to be put in the Rock mid-February and hampers assembled before next meeting at 6.15pm Tuesday 6th March. Tickets to be sold the weekend of 17th/18th March and 24th/25th March with the final draw after 11.15am mass on Easter Sunday April 1st.

A thirty word explanation of what Traidcraft is, to be prepared by Winny and emailed to Father Bernard for inclusion in the Rock. A problem of goods on sale passed their best before dates to be raised with the organisers.

BUILDINGS UPDATE: New management at the Parish Centre now appointed. Repairs to fix water penetration damage by the Sacred Heart statue in church and repairs in the presbytery kitchen to be started next week.

A new notice board visible from the pavement when church is locked up to be set up.


Father Pascal to set date for next meeting which Winny will attend as the new LPA representative for St. Annes.

SUGGESTION BOX: No messages.


Slips for inclusion in the Memorial Book at the back of church to be provided again.

Christian Aid Lenten calendars for adults and children to be provided at back of church.

Friday Lenten lunches after 12.00pm mass, soup and a roll with tea or coffee, paid for by voluntary donation, to be provided in the presbytery and different parish groups to be responsible for each Friday.

16th February SVP
23rd February To be advised
2nd March Parish Team
9th March UCM Coffee Morning/Lenten lunch for Laughter Africa
16th March Holy Family Associates
(Nothing on Friday 23rd March as a wedding being held in the church)

A form for newcomers to the Parish to fill in needed at the back of church. Father Bernard and John Boggan to visit families and distribute leaflets to invite them to join the Parish.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 6th March 2018 at 6.15pm for hamper helpers and 7.15pm for the rest of the team.





PRESENT:  Father Bernard Forshaw, Louise Evans, Winny Fryer, Kath Ward, Marie Stormont, Denise North, Tina Ward, Elizabeth Salter, Pat Finegan, John Boggan, Ros Appleby


APOLOGIES:  Declan Evans, Pauline Bell


Minutes of last meeting approved and signed off for putting at back of church.


MATTERS ARISING:  A book for prayers and special intentions to be placed at the back of church to start the first Sunday of Advent.  This book will then form part of the Offertory.


The kitchen in the Parish Centre is an ongoing task but improvements have been noted.


LPA:  Confirmation date is Friday 24th November at Christ the King, Bromborough.  A Retreat Day to be held at Wistaston on 30th November.  If there is sufficient names on a list at the back of church a coach will be available.


This was Tina’s last meeting and thanks were given for her faithful service over a long period of time.  Winny volunteered to be St. Anne’s LPA representative and if it coincided with the Parish Team Meeting, Denise would act as Secretary.  Changes were being made to the LPA and this will be discussed more in depth at the next meeting.


UPDATE OF WEBSITE:  Ros to produce some notes on the Liturgy Group and Bob Brett to compile some notes on the Food bank and the SVP for inclusion on the Website.  Website working well but with some occasional glitches.  Youth Team have a good website with resources and it may be worth having a link from the parish website.  John Boggan to discuss this with Steve Wall.


CHRISTMAS CAROL CONCERT:  Tickets and flyers being printed and will be distributed after Remembrance Sunday.  The concert to start at 7.30pm prompt.


CHRISTMAS DRAW:  Denise explained the process, boxes at the back of church for donations, lists attached to the back of the Rock this weekend.  Collections will take place over two weekends and the raffle prizes will be made up the following Tuesday ready for display when the raffle tickets will be sold.  All proceeds to St. Anne’s parish.  Any items surplus to requirements will be donated to a charity.  The raffle will take place immediately after the Carol Concert.


SUGGESTION BOX:  A letter was received suggesting that the weekly mass times be displayed in a prominent place particularly when the church is locked.  The times displayed on the notice board are incorrect and need to be covered up in some way.   Father Bernard looking into a way of ensuring that the mass times are shown each week, either by altering the notice board already outside church, or a large print out attached to the church gates.


A further letter was also received about lights being left on and the use of palm oil products.  Discussion ensued.   A paragraph about Traidcraft to explain its work to the parishioners to be included in the Rock.  Frieda Rimmer to produce a piece for Father Bernard’s approval.  Leaflets to be made available.


ANY OTHER BUSINESS:  Mention made of the Bereavement Mass to include former parishioners who have died outside of the parish but not by name.  Tea and coffee after mass on two Sundays in a month with Baptisms on the other two Sundays, Parish groups to take on the extra Sunday refreshments, to start in the New Year.  Sleeping Beauty pantomime poster also discussed.  Christmas mass schedule as last year.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  Tuesday, 16th January 2018








PRESENT:  Father Bernard Forshaw, Louise Evans, Kath Ward, Marie Stormont, Denise North, Tina Ward, Elizabeth Salter, Pat Finegan


APOLOGIES: Winnie Fryer, Ros Appleby, Pauline Bell, Declan Evans, John Boggan


Minutes of last meeting were approved and signed off for putting at the back of church.


MATTERS ARISING: A maintenance person is starting in the next few weeks to cover duties in the Diocese Parish Centres.  It was mentioned that St. Anne’s Parish Centre needs monitoring, particularly the kitchen and hopefully we should see some future improvements.


LPA:  Tina said that this would be her last meeting so a replacement LPA representative would be needed.  She had been the Rep for the past six years but felt the LPA needed new blood.  The Rep would serve for three years and Tina will write a short summary of what is expected of an LPA Rep.  Hopefully the new LPA Rep would be able to take up his/her place after Christmas.  The next LPA meeting is Tuesday, 3rd October and the team were asked if there was anything they would like to put forward for discussion.   Further debate will take place at the next meeting. 


HERITAGE DAY:  Saturday 9th September.  A list was at the back of church for people to volunteer to help with serving tea/coffee and generally helping on the day.  People’s reactions in the past have been good and the feedback positive.  Elizabeth Salter agreed to contact St. Anne’s School to request that Heritage Day details be placed on the school website.


UPDATE OF WEBSITE:  This is ongoing and it was confirmed that St. Anne’s website does have a link to school.  Father Bernard suggested we look at the websites of St. Winifred’s Neston, Our Lady’s Ellesmere Port and the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral.  It was felt that a meeting with John Boggan, Father Bernard, John Lowe, Steve Wall and Pat Finegan would be useful to update the website.


CHRISTMAS CAROL CONCERT/CHRISTMAS DRAW: To be held on Wednesday 13th December.  BOST will supply 250 tickets and the price will remain at £8.00.   We should aim to sell tickets for the concert on a rota basis at both 6.30pm and 11.15am masses from 18th/19th November and thereafter the following weekend masses and also on the evening of the concert.  Help will also be needed with the setting up and clearing up on the day itself. 


Denise presented details of the setting up and control of the Christmas draw.      A request for raffle prizes to be placed in the Rock on 11th/12th November.  Elizabeth


 Salter will donate Ticket Vouchers for the Gladstone

Theatre.  Donation of goods could come in from 18th/19th November and 25th/26th November and displays of raffle prizes and sale of tickets on 2nd/3rd December and 9th/10th December.  Meeting to be held on Tuesday 28th November at 7.00pm to make up the


sealed boxes and see what goods have been donated.  The raffle will take place during the Christmas Carol Concert. 


Nothing in the Suggestion Box.


ANY OTHER BUSINESS: It had been suggested at a previous meeting that we have a book for prayers and special intentions at the back of church.  For privacy reasons it was felt that a sealed box would be preferable for people to put their intentions and prayers in and this would be emptied once a month.


Concern was expressed by residents that many Parishioners were parking in Highfield Road rather than in the church car park.  A notice would be placed in the Rock that we should endeavour to show consideration for our neighbours and avoid parking in Highfield Road whenever possible.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  Tuesday 7th November




PRESENT: Father Bernard Forshaw, Louise Evans, Declan Evans, Kath Ward, Marie Stormont, Denise North, Tina Ward, Ros Appleby, Elizabeth Salter,
Pat Finegan, Winny Fryer

APOLOGIES: Pauline Bell, John Boggan,


Father Bernard and Donna have had a meeting regarding the Hall and some issues to be addressed over August. No responses in the suggestion box.

Minutes of last meeting agreed and signed off to be put at the back of Church.

Welcome given to Elizabeth Salter back from her operation.

Maureen Lomas has submitted her resignation due to family circumstances. Thanks were given for the contribution Maureen had made during her time with the team.


Annual Mass postponed until next year.

24th November the Confirmation Mass to be held at Christ the King.

30th November retreat day at Wistaston, transport to be arranged.

Day trip to Shrewsbury with Mass was suggested.

LPA Mass and barbecue to be arranged. Members asked to get back to Tina with any (other) suggestions.

LPA Lenten talks, Chris Thomas booked for one talk. Marion Tolley and Paul Valelly have been suggested. Any other suggestions to be put to Tina or Father.

LPAs under review by the Bishop and new members to replace long serving members may also be needed.

Next meeting of LPA October 3rd.


Steve Walls has put information about the Parish Team, The UCM and the Holy Family Associates on the parish website. Information about the Over 55s club and Liturgy group to be looked at. A link with the Holy Family of Bordeaux website has been requested. Information about the SVP and Food Bank yet to be updated. Eric Richards to be approached to provide this in a meeting with Pauline Bell, Pat Finegan, Father Bernard and Steve Walls. Also to be looked at is School Links and Peter Arrowsmith and the cubs.

St Anne's Feast day on 26th July, 7.30pm mass then a shared table in the Hall. Tea, coffee to be provided and the bar will be open. Cups and saucers to be set out before Mass and Hall open for anyone bringing food at 6.45pm.

Heritage Weekend Saturday 9th September, to be coordinated with Pat Hughes and Mary Tyrell. It brings in interest and money.

Wednesday 8th November Bereavement Mass 7.30pm

December 13th Christmas Carol Concert and Raffle for parish funds.

No one was asked to lead the prayer for the next meeting but John Boggan has agreed to do this.

Date of next two meetings: September 5th 7.15pm
November 7th 7.15pm

The Parish Pastoral team was formed at the end of 2005 to work in the best interests of St. Anne's Church and its parishioners. We also take an outward view of the wider church and our environment. Elected members serve a three year term of office and the next election will be due March/April 2018

The team meet regularly throughout the year and have genuine collaboration, dialogue and discernment with the clergy. We help fundraise and plan social events such as the May Bank family fun day and are more than happy to be involved in any other parish activity.

Please consider becoming part of the team. New members are needed to give a fresh outlook and everyone's opinion is listened to and respected.

I am happy to have served on the team for the past three years and certainly enjoyed the experience. If you are interested in becoming a Member please ask any member of the team who will be more than happy to give you further details.

Pat Finegan (Chair)


Pat Finegan Chair.

Winny Fryer Secretary,

Fr Bernard Forshaw, Deacon John Boggan

Elizabeth Salter. Pauline Bell

Maureen Lomas. Ros Appleby

Denise North. Louise Evans

Marie Stormont. Kath Ward

Declan Evans

Tina Ward is LPA Rep and she attends the meeting in a liaison role