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St Anne's Parish Rock Ferry

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St Anne's Function Suite


St Anne’s Parish Centre

Change of opening and closing time.

To take effect from 1st October 2012


After reviewing the business performance of the Parish

Centre, a number of occasions have been identified when the

attendance doesn’t justify the costs involved in opening the centre. 

As a result the centre will be closed on Tuesdays, Saturday

afternoons and Sunday evenings unless there is an event booked.

St Anne’s New Opening Hours:

 MONDAY                                  7PM - 11.30 PM

TUESDAY                                 CLOSED

WEDNESDAY                         8PM - 11.30PM

THURSDAY                             8PM - 11.30PM

FRIDAY                                   7PM - 12.00AM

SATURDAY                            7PM - 12.00AM

SUNDAY                                 12PM - 7.00 PM

To contact the manager of the function suite, please complete the form below.

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