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St Anne's Parish Rock Ferry

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Parish groups
Holy Family Lay Associates

Nearly 200 years ago Pierre Bienvenu Noailles founded an Association that included all Vocations in the church and proposed the same path to holiness to each and every member. On Trinity Sunday 28th May 1820 three girls came together in a small rented house to start their community life & these became the first Lay Associates.
A Lay Associate is part of a group of men and women, married and single, young and old who strive to work towards the overall aim of Fr. Noailles & to gather into our family the scattered children of God& Being a Lay Associate gives one a sense of belonging to a Family where members coming together from five different Vocations are considered equal.
In 1869 at the invitation of the Oblate Fathers, Holy Family Sisters from Mount St. Mary & established a foundation in Rock Ferry, where as well as teaching in the schools, a Novitiate was established. In 1958 in response to the second Vatican Council one of the big changes which came about revived that part of the Founders Dream of 1820 to ensure that the Laity would be accorded their right role within the Holy Family Association
On the 1st May 1977 the Holy Family Sisters in Rock Ferry decided to start a group of Lay Associates. They invited nine people, four men and five women to join. After two years in Formation they made their Commitment on the 1st May 1979 becoming the first Lay Associates in Rock Ferry. At first the Lay Associates were not known in the parish but by advertising and taking an active role in the church they soon became known and numbers grew.
A Sister always organised and led the meeting, which was held once a month. It was not a prayer or a scripture group but about the life of our founder and reflections relevant to our Charism etc. Gradually Sister would encourage a member of the group to assist her and eventually take over the meeting and they would assist with the formation of the new members.
With Convents closing and shortage of Sisters the Lay Associates had to take charge of their own groups and encourage members to participate more in the meeting. The Rock Ferry Holy Family Lay Associates group now total 17 and we are very grateful that at this moment in time we are able to have our meeting within the chapel of the Convent where we are joined by some of the resident Sisters, who also share our monthly meeting.
For more information contact    MARIE STORMONT

Union of Catholic mothers

St Annes Union of Catholic Mothers belongs to a National Group of women involved in 17 dioceses throughout the country. We meet weekly after 7.30pm mass on a Wednesday evening in the Parish Centre.
We share our aims of the Union of Catholic Mothers to respect catholic views and support needs in our way of Christian life. We enjoy our prayer, social and environmental life in many varied ways throughout the year. We help and assist our members in sickness, celebrations, family events and support our parish likewise.
Over the years we have raised funds and donated to a diverse number of well known charities, including St. Johns Hospice, Charles Thompsons Mission, Claire House Childrens Hospice, Breast Cancer, Street Pastors, Dementia Society, The Good Shepherd Hospice, the Heart Foundation, Young Carers and many many more.
At present there are approximately 40 members. We are a very active group who enjoy having varied speakers to give talks and slide shows, armchair exercise, bring and buy and bingo nights. We also enjoy meals out and theatre nights.
We are open to all ladies of any age, status and a warm welcome will always be given.

For more information contact the President; 
YVONNE BRADY 0151 653 0275

The St Vincent de Paul Society

The St Vincent de Paul Society in St Anne's currently has nine members. We meet once a fortnight in the presbytery on a Monday evening. We currently support 16 families in the parish and we visit five local care homes. Support varies with the needs of the families, It can be financial help, obtaining furniture and clothing. We also offer advice or in some cases we just sit and chat. This year we we able to send a family on holiday to the SVP caravan in Talacre beach. We also sent two children to the Ozenam outdoor persuit centre we have in Snowdonia. All these things are only made possible with the help and support of the parishioners. Without this valuable support the team would not be able to function.
For further information about the work of our local team or the SVP in general please contact us through the parish. Click on the enquiry box on the home page.

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